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    Chongqing Lanbo Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and seller specializing in decoration materials and home window decoration automation systems. In the past many years, through the promotion of smart shading energy saving and window decoration automation system, Lambo is committed to energy conservation and ecological environment protection and comfortable living environment. The company's products are rich, including electric opening and closing curtain series, electric lifting Series, electric canopy series, electric outdoor shading energy-saving series, dimming, decoration, and energy-saving requirements, providing manual, electric, and intelligent window shade shading solutions and solutions for residential, office, and public buildings.

    The company cooperates with many famous high-end brands such as Somfy in France, Lamborge in Germany, Ferrari in France and other industries. It is committed to the principle of “pursuing innovation, integrity-based, winning by quality, and common development” and wholeheartedly providing users with safe and fast services. . To provide users with a higher quality of life and a more luxurious living space, Lambo will work with you to build a sustainable future.

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